Today was my 2012 Trucker Buddy fieldtrip at Iowa 80, the world largest truck stop in Walcott, Iowa.  I was worried about the trip due to rain that was forcasted but it all worked out great. I arrived at the Walcott truck stop 3 hours before the field trip to prep my truck, a 2009 International Pro Star making sure it was beyond clean for the kids.  At 9am Linda's Fords 4th grade class showed up which gave Meghan Dalton, our host, a big smiled on her face. She showed the main part of the truck stop to the kids and they enjoyed the gift shop and the chrome shop too especially the way the the chrome shines. So it proves that people of all ages love the look of polished chrome.  We all got back into the school bus and was weighed by the Cat Scale scale just like a big rig truck and Meghan alonged with myself explaned our weight laws.  We can't go on the fieldtrip with a dirty school bus so we had it washed by the pro's at the Truck O Mat truck wash.  The kids enjoyed being in the bus while the bus was being washed.  Then we were honored to visit the trucking museum to explore the trucks of the past. That is when Chris Hummer, Vice President of Don Hummer Trucking spoke with the kids and answered a lot of question that was beyond my knowledge.  We ended the day with a tour of my truck and the kids enjoyed seeing the inside of my truck and the big blast of cold air of a reffer trailer that was set at zero.  I'm very thankful for the hard work of Meghan and for Chris Hummer for showing up to help make the field trip sucessful. I always enjoy the trips to the Iowa 80 truck stop. It is always fun and educational for everybody.

Matt Slovack

Trucker Buddy Field Trip

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