Henry R. Good has been a big asset to Trucker Buddy for years, or
can you say decades? Starting in 1992, he became one of the first
Trucker Buddies when Gary King was just beginning the program
King wanted a way to keep in touch with his own young children so
he developed Trucker Buddy. King r ecruited Good, a New
York native, joining in 1992 untill he retired from driving in 2002
due to a non-driving accident. After years of fighting the
complications of the accident he is now fit and back into trucking.

Highway Hank, as he all his friends call him has accepted a driving
opportunity with Schneider National and has signed up again for
Trucker Buddy. His next class is going to get a great mentor and teacher.

He is nationally and internationally known for his 1981 Kenworth K100C VIT Aerodyne cabover Kenworth called "Hank's Highway Hilton", a truck he placed in truck beauty contests over the years. Hank even took it to Europe to show off American technology in the early and middle 1990's.

Congratulations to Hank Good for becoming the 2010 Gary King Memorial Award winner!





The Gary King Memorial Trophy is given to a participant of the Walcott Truck Beauty Contest who shows dedication and passion for Trucker Buddy International and their truck.


Hank Good Wins The 2010 Gary King Memorial Trophy
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Walcott Jamboree's 2010 Gary King Memorial Winner