Outstanding Teacher and Driver Information

Outstanding Teacher and Trucker Buddy Information

Nominate your driver or teacher for Outstand Teacher and Trucker Buddy Award.

A high resolution photo of the driver should be included; the photo will be provided to the media. [Magazines like large file digital camera photos.] The photo can also include the class, but all adults must be identified.

The Outstanding Driver also receives a Trucker Buddy Gift Package and Teacher receives gift snack pack from Frito-Lay.

The Outstanding Teacher receives a Gift Package for the class and a gift snack pack from Frito-Lay.

All submissions and photographs become property of Trucker Buddy International and may be used in other areas for publicity purposes. Submissions will be kept on file for one year.

Driver Nomination Form

Teacher Nomination Form


Mid America Scouting Event 2016

Thank you for registering for the Scouting event on April 2 at the Mid America Truck Show (MATS).  We are hoping you and the Scouts will have a wonderful time and learn somethings about the trucking industry while earning the merit badges.  No show badges will be mailed unless you registered for the show yourself.  We will register you for a MATS truck show badge (this will allow you access to the show floor) but you will need to pick it up at the Scouting Event Registration table at room C104 (downstairs). The best entrance to the session is South Hall C Lobby.  We will have extra free admission tickets in case you need another.

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“This program reaches way beyond a pen and paper,” said Fred Sweetwood, a long time Trucker Buddy and driver for over 40 years. “It paints the Rockies, the bitter cold of North Dakota and the devastation of Oklahoma City and Katrina. It brings America to the classroom through the eyes of a truck driver.”

~ Fred Sweetwood


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