Available Teachers

Before you sign up or add a classroom be sure to view the classrooms we have available.

These are the teachers that are available and want a Trucker Buddy. 
If you don't see a class in your area then go ahead and sign up because we have teachers signing up all the time.

City State Grade  # of Students Special Edu.
Yuma AZ 1st 1 No
Wickenburg AZ 5th 23 No
Albion CA 3rd 15 No
El Cerrito CA 4th-6th 12 Yes
Littlerock CA 1st-5th 20 No
Halifax Canada 1st 19 No
Airdrie Canada 5th 20 No
Brampton Canada 5th 26 No
Gunnison CO 9th 1 No
Wallingford CT k-8th 20 No
Webster MA 2nd-4th 7 Yes
Lansing MI 6th 27 No
Belfry MT 3rd-4th 6 No
Kendall Park NJ 2nd 24 No
Kampala Uganda k-5th 20 No
Windsor VA 4th 23 no
Mazomanie WI 9th-11th 9 No


“This program reaches way beyond a pen and paper,” said Fred Sweetwood, a long time Trucker Buddy and driver for over 40 years. “It paints the Rockies, the bitter cold of North Dakota and the devastation of Oklahoma City and Katrina. It brings America to the classroom through the eyes of a truck driver.”

~ Fred Sweetwood


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