Rexford - Outstanding Driver

Jina Newman of Lincoln Elementary in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and her class has nominated Michael Rexford a driver for Regal Services.  One of the students wrote a letter of recommendation for Mike to be awarded the Outstanding Trucker Buddy award.


      “Hello!  Have you met our Trucker Buddy Mike?  He is really awesome, he corresponds to us every other day, or every day.  He provided presents for us and he let us sit in his truck and pretend we were driving while he took our picture.  We think he deserves to be given the award!

     He also works really for his job and travels everywhere to deliver his stuff.  He and his wife also rescues animals.  They have rescued thirty-two birds and he sends us pictures of them and their names!

     He also writes and corresponds to us whenever he has time but mostly it is daily or every other day.  He sometimes sends us pictures and makes captions on them to describe about the picture or what’s in the picture.

    Sometimes he sends us gifts like when he came to our class for Christmas.  He brought us coffee mugs and a tiny stuffed animal in them along with juice and a card.

    Bye!  Hope you pick Mike for the Outstanding Trucker Buddy.  He really hard and is very thoughtful to provide us gifts.”


Students made a poster for Regal      Rexford Donated a Tiger mascot         Students made a shirt for Regal


Shirt signed by class for Regal Services manager

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Bill was the best Trucker Buddy in the world! He was always in touch with us. He visited us and we went to see his truck. We went inside. I even got to do the AIR HORN! He was fun to be with the whole year.


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