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Trucker Buddy Mobile App Website login for use by drivers and teachers to retrieve pictures and see the bread crumb trail of the driver.

Introducing the Trucker Buddy Mobile App 2.0



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Direct: 205-248-1261
Trucker Buddy Mobile App

Trucker Buddies with iPhones and Androids now have the ability to communicate to their classes using the NEW Trucker Buddy Mobile App 2.0, powerd by uFollowit. This allows you to take pictures of intereting items or even your letters and post cards and send them directly to your teacher. The photo is uploaded into a secure website that you and the teacher can access. This allows for each to improve the communicaitons and save money on postage and fuel trying to find a mail box.

Please watch the video below for complete instructions.

Use TBI as the code and your match number. If you don't know your match number call 1-800-MYBUDDY.

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Privacy Policy

Rules and Policies

Technical Support (1-800-256-6414)

--- Send pictures directly to your classroom!

--- The class can send pictures directly to you!

--- Allow the class to see where you've been!

--- Use other resources such as truck stops
along your route, weather and more!

It's FREE and EASY to download. Just search
the App Store on your phone for Trucker
Buddy and download the application.
You will need to use the special code of TRBY
to sign up.

Use TBI in the Trucker Buddy Code field
on the sign up screen.


Only iPhone and Andriod phones qualify for this
mobile app. More phones maybe adding in the future.

All rules Rules and Guidelines for Trucker Buddy and Trucker Buddy Mobile App and guidelines that pertain to Trucker Buddy still pertain to this program. They are listed below. We have included some screen shots of the registration process as well as a movie about he product.

Trucker Buddy Mobile App End User Liscense Agreement

Rules and Guidelines for Trucker Buddy and Trucker Buddy Mobile App




























1. All participants in the Trucker Buddy program are volunteers. Drivers must hold a valid commercial driver's license (CDL).
2. Trucker Buddy cannot guarantee the success of any pen pal match. Frequent and consistent correspondence with an assigned class is essential. Drivers should write to their class as often as possible for the entire school year (typically September through May). Students, through the direction of their teachers should write to the driver at least once a month. Failure to write on a consistent basis may result in your teacher/driver requesting a new assignment.
3. Teachers are responsible for managing all aspects of the students' involvement in the Trucker Buddy program. All activities are done strictly with the permission and supervision of the assigned teacher. All correspondence between a driver and students in an assigned class is to be opened and reviewed by the assigned teacher prior to distribution.
4. Any face-to-face meetings between the assigned teacher, driver, and class are the sole responsibility of the teacher, school district, and the driver. Trucker Buddy cannot, and does not, take responsibility for, and shall be held harmless from, the consequences of any unauthorized meetings or activities. Please read the Guidelines for a Classroom Visit. No person contact between the driver and students is allowed without the teacher or the parent present.
5. Drivers and teachers will keep their class/driver assignment as long as they remain in the program and do not request a change. Teachers and drivers must, however, file a renewal form every year to remain in the Trucker Buddy program.
6. Drivers or teachers who experience a lapse in regular correspondence should contact our office. Teachers should remember that drivers are on the road for many days each month, and their driving schedules may change. If there has been a disruption in the writing pattern of your driver, it may simply be due to a route change.
7. Participants should immediately notify the Trucker Buddy office and their respective class/driver if their mailing/contact address changes.
8. Drivers and teachers in the program will receive newsletters during each school year.
9. Class assignments are not transferable. All drivers and teachers must apply through the Trucker Buddy office.
10. Abusive and offensive language is not permitted, and any violation will result in immediate removal from the program.
11. Final selection of class location is the sole responsibility of Trucker Buddy and selection is based on the availability of school assignments in the desired area.
12. Trucker Buddy classes are between grades k-8. Exceptions will be made for special needs classes. Home schooled groups will be accepted on a case by case basis.
13. The Trucker Buddy Mobile App is meant as an educatonal tool and not for commerical use.
14. You must be a current Trucker Buddy to use the Trucker Buddy Mobile App.
15. No illicet or obsene photographs will NOT be allowed in the program. ANY hint of indencent could cause your membership in Trucker Buddy revoked.
16. The Trucker Buddy Mobile App maybe terminated at any time per the service agreement.