Gronlund Awarded Outstanding Trucker Buddy

Trucker Buddy International has awarded Steen Gronlund, a driver for Mile Hi Express located in Denver, CO, nominated by his teacher Angie Banning and her Longmont Estates class in Longmont, Colorado.

Steen Gronlund has been nominated for the Trucker Buddy International Outstanding Trucker Buddy Award by Angie Banning, 4th grade teacher at Longmont Estates in Longmont, Colorado. Trucker Buddy is pleased to announce our selection of Steen Gronlund for this award! Please read Banning's heartfelt nomination letter below:

To Whom It May Concern:

            It is my pleasure to write a letter for Mr. Steen Gronlund to be considered as Outstanding Driver. Steen has been my trucker buddy for seriously as long as I can remember. I am thinking that it has been about 20 years. He first started when his neighbor was in my classroom and he has stayed with me ever since.

            Steen takes the job of Trucker Buddy seriously. He is very proud of what he does and likes to spread the word. He is an ambassador of the program and often sits in the Trucker Buddy Booth at truck shows across the country. He and I were even interviewed on a trucking radio station a few years back.

            My class loves when Steen comes to visit and since he lives in the town where I teach, there are numerous kids who will see hi around town and remember him simply as Steen, their trucker buddy. Steen writes letters to my class and he visits them. He does teach them about the trucking business, but we also try to teach Steen about education I the current day. The last time he visited, we played a game called “Stump the Truck Driver,” where the kids asked questions about geographic things in the U.S. It was fun and they could tell that Steen is a well-traveled man.

            Every year since I have had Steen as a trucker buddy, he has asked his company to pay for a field trip for my class. At first, we went to the Stock Show, which is a love of Steens. Since then, we have changed the field trip to visit MileHi Trucking. This is my kids’ favorite field trip of the year. They get to learn about trucking, get a tour of the warehouse, and get to see inside a truck. You can tell that Steen is so very proud of what he does. That love shies every single time he visits with us.

            As a side note, I am retiring this year and it will be my last year to have Steen as a Trucker Buddy. He has been an important part of the education of kids in my classroom for years.


Angie Banning

4th Grade Longmont Estates

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This letter is to thank you for an absolutely wonderful experience. Trucker Don is the best pen pal we could have asked for. The children learned map skills, directions, can identify some of the states, and letter writing skills.


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